Google Duo turns one year but no one cares


The emergent applications have a very complicated today, and is that the queens of each category are already seated on his throne, so it becomes difficult to dethrone them. But there is always some company that tries, as in the case of Google, the great G presented a year ago exactly its new application to make video calls.

From here we want to congratulate the service of the Mountain View for their first anniversary, however, gives us the feeling that even they will not just celebrate. Why do I say this? Very simple, almost no one uses Google Duo, it has been an application that has passed without pain or glory and of which today nobody remembers, a pity.

No one remembers Google Duo

I imagine there will be users who use this application, however, the vast majority do not. We already tried the Google service and it gave us a bittersweet feeling, with that experience we took three factors that we thought would not work.

Logically it may be that some of them are not the reason for forgetting the application, however, we find these negative points so we want to share them with you. The first one is the mandatory use of the telephone number, I do not understand why this is due.

We already found other apps like Telegram that do not ask for the phone number, so it’s a minus point for the Google service. The second is the lack of web version, by God, if Telegram and WhatsApp have it, why not you?

In short, it would be much simpler and more practical for us to make video calls through our laptop or computer, even for business purposes, where it could work perfectly. And lastly, I have to say that it is not multi-device, yes friends, if we want to use the app in another device we will have to close the session first on the mobile, a whole odyssey.

Anyway, although almost nobody remembers her and has not had the expected success, we congratulate her from here. Happy Anniversary Google Duo!

And you, what do you think of Google Duo?

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