AMD Ryzen: Optimized energy saving plan to increase game performance

AMD Ryzen

AMD has released an adapted Windows 10 energy savings plan for Ryzen processors to increase its gaming performance. AMD processors of the Ryzen generation unfold a little more performance in games under Windows 10 by setting the “maximum power” energy savings profile instead of “balanced”. Therefore, AMD has hitherto recommended setting the energy saving profile “peak power” but then different energy saving techniques like CoreParking do not work, which in the end increases the power consumption.

AMD has now changed the “balanced” profile and adapted to the characteristics of the Ryzen processors. This is the result of a new blog entry by AMD manager Robert Hallock . The AMD profile thus reduces both the timing and the limit values ​​for P-state changes and deactivates core parking for frequently active cores. Consequently, the nuclei are less likely to sleep under load. AMD said the new profile will increase the image rate in games by up to 9 percent that is, approximately to the level of the “high-power” profile, mainly in processor-limited scenes.

Installation is not always easy

The energy profile can be downloaded as an “AMD Ryzen Balanced Power Plan” directly on the AMD website as a zip file ( direct download ). After unpacking, double-click the file Ryzen_Balanced_Power_Plan.ppkg and a short confirmation to install the profile. AMD plans to integrate the energy saver profile into the upcoming version of the AMD chipset drivers for Ryzen processors.

On Reddit, however, AMD confirmed shortly after the publication that there may be problems after the installation of the new energy profile. In these cases, the company recommends that users first delete the deployment package and the Ryzen energy saving plan and reinstall everything. But this does not seem to work for all users.

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